Betsi's Crazy Shoes

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I hurried this morning to get a couple of shots of Betsi's crazy shoes. They didn't turn out well but you really have to see them.

Zoo Adventure

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Yesterday started out almost surreal. When Davis woke up, in our bed of course, it was 11:30!!! We have not slept past 7 in years! Amazing. I had a horrible headache but some sinus meds and a vicadin did the trick and we were ready for our adventure. Ever since Billy and I have been married he starts almost every weekend day asking me if I am ready for an adventure, and it almost always turns out that way. :) We loaded kids in the van and picked up Betsi's boyfriend Danny and were off to the zoo. It was 62 degrees and the animals were almost all out and moving about. Billy and I had a great time taking hundreds of pics and goofing off with the kids. By the time we made it to the bears almost at the end of the zoo it was getting cold!

We went to the mall where Betsi was going to get to go to Hot Topic and pick out a pair of boots that we had promised her. When we got in the store she decided that awesome crazy boots weren't going to do the trick and she and Danny set off on a trek to find "rainbow shoes". I had no idea what she was talking about. Oh well.

The boys and I wandered around, picked up a new pair of shoes, on sale, for Davis who has amazingly fast growing feet, and a gently used basketball game for Billy. After about half an hour of looking for Danny and Betsi we found them along with the ugliest pair of shoes I have ever saw.

It turns out Betsi's dream shoes are black canvass hi-top Converse with neon ice cream cones that have faces and fangs, a strange telephone looking thing, and assorted other colorful drawings, weird. When she wakes up I'll post a pic of them, they're crazy.

We ended our day with dinner and relaxing at home and it was wonderful. Sadie had gotten to the Christmas tree while we were gone which just reminded me that it is past time for it to come down.

Anyway, here are a couple of pics from yesterday.