Lipstick and a Toddler: A Very Messy Tale

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"Look how quiet and good Davis is watching Dora." I exclaimed to Billy as I made dinner. Davis was sitting in the living room on the floor in front of the television and had been for about 15 whole minutes, dicing onions had never been easier!

As I slid dinner into the oven and washed my hands I thought again how lucky I was to be able to get dinner going without Davis underfoot! I felt a small hand tugging at my shirt and Davis said, "Look Mommy I'm beautiful!" I looked down at my son, and quickly called to his Daddy.

"Get the bath running for your kid!" Billy came to see what the fuss was and together we surveyed the damage. An entire tube of lipstick plastered across Davis' face and hands. Annoyance at the mess and the loss of my favorite lipstick was quickly wiped away by Davis' very proud of himself smile.

"Daddy I'm like Mommy!" We each grabbed and elbow and hauled Davis to the bathroom. He was delighted that his little stunt would result in a bath. (I am of the personal opinion that most of his naughty messy tricks are done for the extra bath time.)

We unzipped his footie jammies and to our surprise the little guy had also gotten hold of a blue ink pen and scribbled all over his tummy. "I colored my belly!" was his delighted announcement.
After a bath, supper, and new jammies being put on Davis was ready for bed. Once he was quiet in his room we were left with quite a mess but somehow I didn't really mind.


Lion Dusti said...

HOW adorable! :-)