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I am very frustrated and disappointed and I don't really have an outlet for it. Grrrr. Betsi is graduating from 8th grade tomorrow and I wanted it to be great and have family and friends around her to support her and show her how proud we are of what she's accomplished despite all of the crap she's gone through the last couple of years. She's excelled in the gifted program, stayed on the honor roll, and is just amazing in general.

The school is having her graduation at 8:15am on a Tuesday which makes it hard for anyone to come from out of town or for people in town as well. Then the weekend after, when we'd like to have a party for her it's Memorial Day weekend and everyone is too busy with their own plans. I know that it's no one's fault and; of course, it's an important weekend with tons of stuff going on but I really wanted her to have something special.

The good news is that my Mom and Dad Twitchell are coming Friday night to treat us to Paisano's and celebrate. Hopefully I can talk Mom into bringing an amazing cake that she designed. My sister and her family were going to come but CJ has to work all weekend, and Billy's family all had plans. Oh well, we'll make the best of it!

In other news, Billy goes to court Thursday to make the change in residency for Betsi official and to alter child support which will really help on the financial front. It's really expensive to pay for a teenager and pay full child support for her at the same time, it's made things pretty tight the last couple of months so it will be great to get that fixed.

Betsi's decided to go to Topeka High like we were hoping and is all enrolled so Yay! She's also going to take violin lessons over the summer, she plays so beautifully! Liam is glad school's out but also a little sad that he won't see his friends every day. Davis is still Davis, doing a lot better health wise and growing up so fast.

On Sunday it will be Billy and I's 6th Wedding Anniversary, we have no plans really but I'm looking forward to it just the same. Anyway, this is just a lot of rambling so I'll end it. I hope you all have a great week!